Bill Paarlberg’s Watercolor Paintings For Sale

Hi. Thanks for looking at my artwork for sale. If there is a PayPal button on a painting below, then you can click on it and buy it right now, with PayPal or your credit card. If there is no PayPal button, then you can click here to email me ( or call me (207-439-1717). I’ll be pleased to meet you to show you a painting. Or I’m happy to drop it off with the wonderful people at the Kennedy Gallery on Market Street in Portsmouth. Where they always have a selection of my prints and paintings for sale.

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Lunging and Malaga from Smuttynose Island, 12 x 16″, watercolor, 2022, $900, unframed.

This view is looking east, with Rye, New Hampshire way off on the horizon. The old worn and broken breakwater, seen here between Smuttynose and Malaga, will be rebuilt by the Army Corps of Engineers in the next year or two.

Mt. Washington from the End of Iron Mountain Road, 12 x 16″, watercolor, 2021, $900, unframed.

If you drive all the way up Iron Mountain Road, off Rt. 16 in Jackson, NH, you eventually come to a well-kept old farm with a spectacular view. Behind this viewpoint is the hiking trail up Iron Mountain. Where you’ll find an old fire tower and, yes, an iron mine.

View from Badger’s Island, 12″ x 16″, watercolor, 2022, $900, unframed.

Back in the previous century, I lived for ten years on Badger’s Island, at a place with more or less this view of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. For this recent watercolor I visited the old neighborhood, and sat down in the seaweed while the tide came in. A local cat came down to say hi while I painted.

Powderhouse Hill, 4 1/2 x 6 1/2, watercolor, 2016, $400, matted and framed.

Powderhouse Hill is a tiny ski hill and sliding area just north of downtown South Berwick. It’s run by volunteers who open the warming hut and crank up the rope tow when the snow is good. A wonderful place to take your kids. And you can hike it (400 steps, bottom to top) when the tow isn’t running. So it’s a great spot to hit at the tail end of a big storm.

A watercolor by Bill Paarlberg of a flower in Celia Thaxter's Garden on Appledore Island.
California Poppy in Celia’s Garden, 2019, watercolor, 19 1/2″ x 13 3/4″
$500, shrink-wrapped on backer, unframed

This is the first of my Celia’s garden flower series, painted on my easel right in the restored Celia Thaxter garden on Appledore Island, one of the Isles of Shoals. The garden is now maintained by the Shoals Marine Lab. Click here to read about the Artist -in-Residence program there.